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About the project

CLIMATE NUDGE develops nudges and evaluates them rigorously 

CLIMATE NUDGE is a multi-year research project, which develops and pilots climate-nudges, which aim to reduce greenhouse gas emission from traffic, and to fortify carbon sinks in forests. We evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of nudges from ethical, economical and health viewpoints. 

What is a nudge? In this project nudge means a soft steering method of people’s behavior, which doesn’t impede their freedom of choice. By these nudges we try to promote climate-friendly choices and boost the climate actions of municipalities and the Finnish state.  

The research project is lead and coordinated by The University of Turku. Other partners:

  • University of Eastern Finland (UEF)
  • Pellervo Economic Research (PTT)
  • Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)
  • Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)
  • Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. 


The project is funded by The Strategic Research Council (SRC) in the Academy of Finland. We started our work in the autumn of 2020 and the first stage of the project ends in the September of 2023. After that, we will apply for an another three-year-funding. 

Partner projects


Citynudge (Kaupunkinytky in Finnish) is an multidisciplinary research effort, where the focus point is to find out what kinds of behavioral steering methods are acceptable and ethical in steering people towards making decisions benefiting their health and the environment.

The research consists of three sub-projects:

  1. Questionnaire survey: What kinds of steering methods the Finnish people consider acceptable
  2. Evaluation of ethical questions that related to nudging
  3. Field study in cooperation with the City of Turku.

The project will produce concrete methods for steering behavior of citizens and to help forward healthy and environment friendly mobility.

CarbonNudges – Steering Climate Wise Land Use in Agriculture and Forestry (TUIMA)

The TUIMA project produces new research findings on how to achieve behavioral changes in the mitigation of climate change in land use. The project offers practical solutions to reduce carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions from land use and ways to strengthen carbon sinks and carbon stocks. The project also promotes sustainable use and overall sustainability of renewable resources. 

The project goals will be achieved by using nudges to mitigate climate change in the land use sector. Nudges will be implemented in agreement with the landowners. 

The project examines the extent to which attitudes, background, and potential structural barriers affect the success of different types of nudges and whether willingness to change behavior depends on regional or psychological factors. 

In addition, it looks at how management and regulation can support the achievement of behavioral change and how to ensure continuity over time. The project is multidisciplinary and phenomenon-based, with researchers in science, psychology, economics, law and business management collaborating. 

Coordinator: Olli-Pekka Ruuskanen, Pellervo economic research PTT 
Partners: Natural Resources Institute Finland Luke, University of Turku, LUT University 
Duration: 2021-2023