Päivitetty 12.05.2021


Fortifying carbon sinks by nudging 

Forest owners face simultaneously manifold expectations of supplying timber and energy, protecting biodiversity, providing recreation environment and sequestrating carbon. Many forest owners want to do “the right thing” but may feel uncertain and anxious about the real drivers, effects, and solutions, or feel that their actions are trivial. We will research how we could alleviate their concerns by nudging. Together with forest sector associations and actors we develop and pilot nudges, which aim to help optimize carbon sinks. These may include developing new tools fortifying sinks and improving the information forest professionals and owners receive. 

Peatlands that are the largest natural terrestrial carbon store

Forests and forestry, especially on organic soils of peatlands that are the largest natural terrestrial carbon store, play a key role in carbon sequestration in Finland. While there is extensive literature on forest owners’ values and decision making, commitment to climate actions is less studied including its prevalence, determinants, and association with mental wellbeing in general. 

We will implement the nudges in co-operation with the Finnish Forest Centre (FFC), two forest management associations (FMAs); Siikalatva and Pyhä-Kala, and The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK). The two FMAs are located in the region with abundance of forested peatlands. 

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